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The day I asked the Lord for a miracle

Commissioners Wayne and Robyn Maxwell, leaders of the South Pacific and East Asia Zone of The Salvation Army.


At a recent exhibition at International Headquarters, several women from around the world shared something of their greater story of womanhood, resilience and overcoming difficulty with faith and determination. Australian officer, Commissioner Robyn Maxwell, who currently serves as the Zonal Secretary for Women’s Ministries in the South Pacific and East Asia Zone, shares part of her journey.

It was just a day like any other – until we arrived at International Headquarters and our world was turned upside down!

Early in the morning, just as we arrived at the office, my husband Wayne went into cardiac arrest. The paramedics arrived just as he lost consciousness, performing 45 minutes of CPR and 16 shock treatments before transporting him to the hospital. For me, it was very confronting.

It was in this moment that I realised I needed the Lord in a way I never had before. After 30 minutes with no response, I said to the Lord, “If this is your chosen time for Wayne, I will accept it, but if it’s not we need a miracle right now.”

Five hours of waiting went, and I was still unable to see him in intensive care. I will never forget the words of the head cardiac doctor, “I cannot give you any hope of recovery.”

Throughout all my officership, I have preached about our miracle-working God and, in this moment, I was pressing in more than ever to this truth! Before leaving Wayne’s bedside that day, I laid my hands on him in front of the medical team and asked the Lord for a miracle.

The news spread across the world, and people joined me in interceding for Wayne’s healing.

God heard and answered our prayers and one week after Wayne’s heart attack we walked out of the hospital together. The astounded medical team also called his recovery a miracle!

It has been a beautiful reminder in our lives that we serve a miracle-working God who has much more for us to do in his name!


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