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Time to slime – territorial leaders set fundraising challenge

Commissioner Miriam Gluyas (left) and Colonel Winsome Merrett have set up their own RSA fundraising page with a $2500 goal and have committed to being slimed if, or when, they reach their target!

Commissioner Miriam Gluyas and Colonel Winsome Merrett are doing their part for the Red Shield Appeal by setting up a TSA Leaders’ fundraising page with a $2500 goal.

When reached, they will get slimed, following in the General's fundraising footsteps in 2021.

General Brian Peddle gets ‘slimed’ in 2021 as part of a Red Shield Appeal fundraiser.

Miriam and Winsome invite, or dare we say, challenge you to help them reach their target, or you could create your own fundraising ‘fun’ to raise vital funds here >>.

Your support in helping Miriam and Winsome reach their fundraising target will not only help ensure nobody struggles alone, but it will also (we hope) bring a smile to your day as their slime experience will be filmed and published on Salvos Online for all to enjoy.

“Our vision to ‘live, love and fight, alongside others, to transform Australia one life at a time with the love of Jesus’ inspires us each and every day, and we are grateful as a movement that we are able to help thousands of lives,” Winsome said. “We can do this amazing work, in part, due to the generosity of the Australian public during our Red Shield Appeal.”

Visit the Salvos Leaders’ fundraising page here >>


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