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• Truck donation big deal for Temora

Temora Corps Officer Auxiliary-Lieutenant Caleb Smith standing in front of the newly acquired truck.

Temora Corps in Central NSW has taken delivery of a truck donated by Young Corps, its Salvo neighbours an hour up the road.

The truck still has Young written on the side, but it will be painted and rebranded as the Salvos truck in Temora, said Auxiliary-Lieutenant Caleb Smith, Temora Corps Officer.

Caleb said the truck donation was a “big deal” for Temora and would be “highly beneficial”.

The Family Store in Temora.

“It will not only make things easier for us but also for people who are wanting to donate furniture,” he said. “Having this truck means when it comes to furniture pickups, we now won’t have to do multiple runs.

“Usually, we’d do a few trailer-loads here and there, but now this truck has solved that problem. The hydraulic lift on the back is also a big help.

“Furniture donations are important to us because we can either sell the goods or give them to those who need it the most.”

Temora Salvos store volunteer Graeme Sing, who was Temora Citizen of the Year a few years ago, will take charge of the vehicle.

An edited version of an article that appeared in the Temora Independent


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