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• Ukraine corps celebrate Passover

Kropivnitsky Corps Officer Captain Dmitrij Bessmolnyj leads the Passover meal.

As the Orthodox Easter approaches in Eastern Europe, members of the Kropivnitsky Corps, Ukraine, gathered to commemorate the Passover meal.

Dnipro and other corps across war-torn Ukraine also gathered to commemorate the Passover and will meet again on Sunday to celebrate Christ’s resurrection.

Dnipro Corps Leader Natalia Rak leads her small congregation in the Passover meal.

They call it ‘seder’, based on the ancient Jewish word which means ‘order’. Seder follows an established order of action – reading prayers, eating and drinking at the festive table before celebrating Easter.

“Two thousand years ago, shortly before his arrest and subsequent death on the cross, Jesus spent his final evening with his disciples,” shared the corps leaders. “Today, we remembered how it was and what meaning it brings to us today.”

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