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• Wedding on the run

Major Bryce Davies conducts the wedding of Enza (left) and Pete on Brisbane’s Toohey Trail as part of their running group’s weekly run.

Trail running can lead to some unexpected destinations. As part of his weekly Wednesday trail-running group last week, Major Bryce Davies conducted the wedding of Enza and Pete – two fellow runners who had met in the group and fallen in love.

“It was absolutely delightful,” said Bryce. “So much love, fun and genuine community, just wonderful!”

The happy couple – Enza and Pete.

Peter and Enza have been in running groups with Bryce for the past two years, including the Toohey’s Trot trail on which the wedding took place. This run is one of the tracks popular with some from the Brisbane Trail Runners Facebook group.

“They are friends, and I know them well,” shared Bryce. “We share a love of running and have done several events together, such as half-marathons. We have dozens of mutual friends in these groups.”

Enza and Pete also regularly support Bryce and Major Sue Davies (retired), when they lead and speak at the Salvos God’s Sports Arena in Brisbane and Caloundra, and at Brisbane Streetlevel Mission. Pete is a drummer and Enza has shared her story at Streetlevel.

The 'Toohey Trot' running group celebrates the wedding after completing the weekly trail event.

Bryce has now conducted three weddings with running friends over the past 12 months.

“Enza shared with me well over a year ago that she and Peter were thinking of getting married,” shared Bryce. “She saw the weddings I did with Nicky and Cara, so she knew I could officiate.

“She said wanted me to do the wedding because ‘You know me, and we understand each other’s worlds. I trust you and just know you would be a perfect fit for the sort of wedding we were wanting’.

“To me, it’s a wonderful blessing that comes from being deeply engaged in local community.”

– Simone Worthing


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