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• Women’s financial empowerment

Today, on International Women’s Day, the achievements of women are celebrated all over the world.

Mandy Dehnel, Manager of The Salvation Army’s Moneycare program in Western Australia, is passionate about women’s financial empowerment.

“I believe that empowering women financially is not just about money,” she says. “It’s about creating a world where women have the resources and opportunities to thrive, lead and make their own choices.”

Moneycare shares that the first step to taking control of your finances is being open about your situation with someone you trust (or one of their financial counsellors). They understand that talking about money can be tricky, but this is a great life skill.  


Research shows that women are less likely to know the name of their superannuation fund and often don’t retire with as much superannuation as men. 


“Know your rights, check your superannuation, know your partner’s superannuation and financial situation and understand your payslips,” Mandy says.

This award-winning program is available free online. See details at end of story.

If you are not comfortable with the amount of access or knowledge you have about your finances, you are not alone. This may be a sign of financial abuse.

Support is available. Reach out to Moneycare’s confidential and free service on 1800 722 363 or email


To download You’re the Boss, Moneycare’s award-winning financial-skill-building program, click here.


To watch Moneycare’s top tips for financial wellbeing, click on the video below.


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