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World leaders join Jubilee celebrations in South Eastern India

The singing from the India South Eastern Territory Jubilee celebrations blended into the surrounding tapestry of Indian nightlife.

General Brian Peddle and Commissioner Rosalie Peddle, world leaders of The Salvation Army, recently joined the India South Eastern Territory for its Jubilee celebrations, followed by a visit to the India Central Territory.

In the South Eastern Territory, the celebrations took place at the Booth Tucker Memorial Church Campus, an outdoor setting where the singing blended into the tapestry of Indian nightlife.

General Peddle awarded the Order of the Founder to Major (Dr) Ruby Samuel during the service.

The leaders also spent time with officers and expressed their pride in the men and women who lead the mission of The Salvation Army in the territory.

“Meeting our youth was (also) inspirational as we witnessed talent, an openness to God’s call and security of the Army’s future in this territory,” shared the General.

The leaders also opened new prayer halls in the Gnaniahpuram Corps and Kannanoor Corps.

A visit to Catherine Booth Hospital was part of the leaders’ itinerary. “We witnessed an ongoing service of medical care while having opportunity to meet men and women who can only be referred to as heroes,” said General Peddle. “Our hospital engages in training with 300 young men and women in full-time studies. They are destined to serve in communities in India and beyond. God bless the India South Eastern Territory and all those who give leadership.”

The General and Commissioner moved on to the India Central Territory for a week of meetings. “The first thing that comes to mind is the large crowds gathered that exceeded all expectations and planning,” said General Peddle. “Every meeting – the Youth Rally, Officers’ Councils, Women’s Congress, public meetings – prompted the need for a ‘standing audience’ in addition to those seated. It was impossible to greet everyone, so we resorted to the Army salute and many shouts of hallelujahs!

“Equally encouraging was the response to the Word as the challenge was given – kneeling areas as well as aisles filled with praying people. The future of the Army in this part of India is very promising as its witness and impact finds its place in countless communities.

“I suggest that we think we know the story of a nation, but when you encounter the people, you find another story – often a better one. By the way, a word of advice, if you travel to India, you will have to surrender your diet plan – the food is amazing!

“God bless India and its people. God bless the Salvation Army in the India Central Territory.”


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