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Book Review: Mark My Words by Geoff R. Webb (illustrated by Michael Wright)

Commissioner Robert Donaldson calls Colonel Geoff R. Webb’s latest book, Mark My Words, an “energetic and insightful reflection of Jesus that will deepen faith”.

Colonel Geoff R. Webb is the former Territorial Commander of the Pakistan Territory and the current Executive Secretary to the General. He has authored and co-authored various books, including Authentic Holiness for Ordinary Christians, Mark at the Threshold, Holiness incorporated, and Mission Mandates.

Mark My Words is a set of reflections on Mark’s Gospel, focusing on particular words or phrases that give insight into Jesus, his mission, and his call for us to be his disciples.

Colonel Geoff Webb was originally commissioned and appointed in the Australian Territory before he began a series of overseas appointments.

Designed for individual devotions or group discussions, it also has art pieces (illustrated by Michael Wright) that prompt further discussion. One of the unique elements of the book is that it is written in both English and Urdu, with the translation into Urdu provided by Summra Nemat.

Michael Wright is a Salvation Army officer in the Australia Territory and is Faith Communities Development Secretary for the Mission Support Department in Victoria. He is the author and illustrator of Bystander. His stunning art brings its own interpretation of the Scripture passage and provides another focus for reflection in meditation. Michael has also added some short comments on his artwork, although everyone will interpret each art piece for themselves. Some may find reflecting on the art and scripture sufficient without written reflections.

Mark My Words is an energetic and insightful reflection on Jesus that will deepen faith and followership in any reader who engages with and reflects on the content. The book has brought energy and new insight into my living as a follower of Jesus. I am confident it will do the same for you,” said Commissioner Robert Donaldson, former Territorial Commander of the Australia Territory.

Mark My Words is available from Salvationist Supplies by emailing or or by calling Sydney Salvationist Supplies (1800 634 209) and Melbourne Salvation Army Supplies (1800 100 018). Alternatively, you can email Colonel Geoff Webb (geoff.webb@ All proceeds go to the Pakistan Territory.

This review was originally published in The Officer.

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