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Book Review: The Heart of God

Heart of God is a book suitable for devotional reading and reflection during Lent.

What a good time to reflect on the cross and the victory of Christ in his resurrection. After serving as an active officer for 44 years and retiring in 2013, Commissioner Robert Street remains as active as ever!

Last year saw the release of his book Day by Day, an accompanying text to IHQ’s Called to be a Soldier, and now we have a book of poems based on the crucifixion and resurrection.

The writer and his literary canon are well-known to Salvationists, as is the quality of his writing. In a foreword to the book, Pam Rhodes, of the BBC’s Songs of Praise, says that his words “inform our senses and lift our souls” in poems that “speak of Christ’s humanity and his triumph through the Cross.”

The book contains 32 poems of varying length as well as some beautiful photographs that complement the reflective nature of the text. Add in related Bible passages listed at the end of each poem and you have a beautiful resource for private devotions, or for initiating small group discussion, or for public reading in meetings.

With respect to Commissioner Street, the book is worth getting just for the photos – so our thanks goes also to designer Jooles Tostevin-Hobbs and project editor Laura Booth. It’s hard to play favourites, but for this reviewer it was ‘What is truth?’ and ‘Blame’. But you can buy it and pick your own favourites.

Available from Available on Amazon and Kobo.


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