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Book review: The Quest for Family by Jessica Clancy

 Jessica Clancy’s debut book, The Quest for Family takes readers through her life journey from a place of brokenness to a place of spiritual renewal and enlightenment.


The book explores her struggles from childhood to adulthood, with her life severely impacted by the actions of her negligent mother who remarried several times and moved her around the US where she was exposed to physical, emotional and sexual abuse, neglect, and domestic violence.


“Our lives can often feel like shattered glass, and once it breaks, it is impossible to put back together on our own,” Jessica says. “We try to pick up the pieces, but just hurt ourselves more, often feeling hopeless and helpless.”


An astounding 39.6 per cent of Australians aged 16-65 are affected by domestic violence, with 32 per cent having experienced physical abuse, and 30.9 per cent impacted by emotional abuse. The Australian Child Maltreatment Study revealed that child maltreatment resulted in significantly increased levels of major depressive disorder, generalised anxiety, alcohol use, and post-traumatic stress.


“I believe our past does not define us,” Jessica says. “It is only part of the journey if we allow it to stretch and grow us. I am not defined by the things that happened to me. I am defined as a child of God.”

Author Jessica Clancy and her debut book.

Jessica’s faith and determination helped her to break the chains of her past and build a new life, first as a hairdresser and then a specialist dialysis dietician. One of her proudest achievements has been to create a happy family with her husband and their two children. Jessica and her husband Adam have been licensed foster parents for five years.


“Just as your past does not define you, remember to love others and not make judgements on their past or mishaps,” Jessica says. “You don’t have to stay hiding in the darkness of your past. You can step into the light to be exposed and redeemed.”


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