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Children encounter Jesus through theatre at creative arts camp

Sixty-five children gathered in Victoria’s Central Highlands to learn about Jesus together while enjoying creative pursuits such as music and drama.


Sixty-five children from Grade 3 to Year 8 and 20 leaders and junior leaders gathered from 3-6 July in Blampied, Victoria’s Central Highlands, to develop creative skills and social connections at the Junior Creative Arts Camp. What leaders didn’t expect was that so many would also experience the wonder of Jesus.

The yearly camp, held over mid-year school holidays, offers a chance to develop skills in brass and other musical instruments such as ukulele, dance, drama and visual arts. This year, students also had the opportunity to learn audio-visual and media skills. Victorian worship arts coordinator Julia Roper said the camp focused on beginner-level training so that children could develop an interest without pressure.

“It’s just giving the kids a chance to try something,” she said. “To see what they like, what they can do. This is something where I think they come out feeling like they’ve achieved something [because] they can see the fruits of their week.”

LEGO was a popular activity during the camp.l

Another new feature of this year’s camp was a Jesus Theatre project performed by leaders. Julia said some children at the camp hadn’t heard the Gospel message before the production, and one child told leaders they were no longer an atheist.

“It was really quite powerful,” she said. “The kids really responded well to it, to the point where we had children coming together with leaders wanting to pray to [accept] Jesus as their Lord and Saviour for the first time.

“We were really thankful for that experience and hope that will have a long-lasting impact on those kids and that they'll have gone home thinking a little bit more about who Jesus is and what that means for them.”

To find out more about the camp or other worship arts programs, click here.


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