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Computer donation assists women and children in crisis in the Illawarra

Belle Property’s Nicole Kay (centre) donates computers to The Salvation Army’s Sonya Button (left) and Karen Walker.


A donation of computers from a local real estate agent to The Salvation Army’s Carinya Women’s Services in the Illawarra (NSW) will enable women and children experiencing homelessness to continue to have access to the internet to stay connected with loved ones and search for rental properties and jobs, as well as study.


Belle Property was updating its technology and donated eight desktop and three laptop computers to The Salvation Army.


Carinya Women’s Services Manager Sonya Button and Community Fundraising Relationship Manager Karen Walker accepted the donation on behalf of The Salvation Army. 

It’s the second time Belle Property has generously given away computers it was no longer using. Belle’s Principal and Licensee, Nicole Kay, said it’s an easy thing a company can do to ‘pay it forward’ to people in need.


“What is required from a business point of view in terms of performance is different to someone who is just studying or needs a computer to access the internet,” she said. “Being able to give them to someone who might be able to make good use of them is wonderful.”


Carinya is a family violence service for women and children experiencing homelessness based in the Illawarra region.


Sonya said the computers have been distributed to The Salvation Army’s Family and Domestic Violence services in the Illawarra and Sydney, as well as The Salvation Army’s Safehouse for women who have experienced trafficking and slavery.


“All the managers are extremely excited and very grateful,” she said. “Women in our community spaces are going to have the opportunity to look for rentals, keep in touch with family and things like that.


“When you are at a refuge, it’s a confidential address, so you can’t have your friends and family over like a normal house. Having a computer with internet access is so important. Women can look for jobs and do their study, and their kids can use the devices for homework and study.”




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