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Global leaders visit Korea Territory

World leaders of The Salvation Army, General Brian and Commissioner Rosalie Peddle, recently visited the Korea Territory and the nation of Cambodia.

“We finally realised a visit to the Korea Territory!” shared General Brian Peddle.

“Though COVID delayed plans, the blessings were fresh, and God blessed the celebration of 115 years of ministry in Korea.”

The theme for the gatherings was taken from John 4:29, where it says, “Come and see …”

“We were happy to engage this theme and ask the Salvationists of Korea to also, ‘go and tell’,” the General said.

The gatherings included officers, cadets, young people and congregations in Daejeon and Seoul.

The Peddles led several meetings in the Korea Territory, and Cambodia, during their visit.

“Worship always had a clear focus on passionate prayer, and the preaching of the Word, which brought seekers to the front created an even deeper passion for the mission of God in the world,” wrote General Peddle on his Facebook page.

“Attendances exceeded expectations and that gave us an opportunity to meet our people, interact with our youth and be encouraged by the people of this territory. We were so blessed by the music sections, our children’s choir, choral scripture readings, testimonies, youth leadership of worship and faithful local leaders, as they all brought honour and glory to God.”

As part of the visit, General Peddle and Commissioner Rosalie Peddle, World President of Women’s Ministries, spent two days in Cambodia where the Korea Territory is “nurturing” a growing expression of The Salvation Army.

Nearly 500 people gathered for the leaders’ visit. They enrolled 122 soldiers and commissioned eight new lieutenants. “We thank God for leaders and for our people and pray for continued accomplishments for God’s Kingdom,” General Peddle shared. “God bless Korea, and God bless the Salvation Army and its ministry across this nation.”


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