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International news briefs: 27 July

Young delegates from across the Eastern Europe Territory have gathered in Chisinau, Moldova, for leadership training and development.

Young delegates from across the Eastern Europe Territory have gathered in the Moldovan capital, Chisinau, to attend the territory’s Leadership School 2023.

A spiritual day with territorial leaders – Colonel Kelvin Pethybridge in centre – was a highlight of the Leadership School.

“We are grateful to God for every delegate who made it here,” said Captain Adrian Roman, training school principal. “We have four from Georgia, five from Moldova, two from Romania and three from Ukraine.”

The young people will engage in Bible study, outdoor leadership skills, practical ministry and sharing of their experiences. There has also been a spiritual day with territorial leaders – Australian officers Colonels Cheralynne and Kelvin Pethybridge.

The delegates also enjoyed an international night and excursion to Old Orhei historical centre and monastery.

The Leadership School 2023 takes place from 19 July to 2 August.


Salvation Army responds to floods in South Korea

In response to the recent severe floods in the Choong Buk and Chulla areas of South Korea, The Salvation Army has been delivering essential assistance to the affected areas.

The Salvation Army in South Korea is responding to recent devastating floods.

Relief efforts aim to support people by offering food trucks, tents, daily essentials and blankets. The Salvation Army in Korea is working closely together with the local government to ensure the effectiveness of their relief operations.

Additionally, the evacuation centres are being manned by dedicated Salvation Army officers and volunteers from neighbouring communities.

Please pray for those impacted, for people who have lost loved ones, for the emergency services and for Salvation Army personnel as they work to provide care and support.


World leaders make final international visit

The world leaders of the international Salvation Army, General Brian and Commissioner Rosalie Peddle, made their final international visit, spending time in the Zimbabwe, Botswana and Madagascar Territory.

General Brian and Commissioner Rosalie Peddle, have made their final territorial visit as world leaders of The Salvation Army.

“What you notice first about this territory is its people – the officers, soldiers and junior soldiers,” wrote General Peddle. “There are many of them, but if you look beyond the crowds, you see people who strive to be faithful in their covenant with God. The evidence of this is seen at the corps and institution level, but it bubbles up when they come together with incredible strength.”

World leaders spent time with youth and officers, as well as the President of Zimbabwe.

The General explained how “wonderful” the youth sections were to see and listen to and also spoke about the senior sections and their proficiency in movement, music and ministry.

“Wherever we went, people were quick to tell us about their connection with the Army and the influence of the ministry of the Army on their lives,” said the General. “Everyone in these three nations knows who we are and who we represent.”

The President of Zimbabwe, Emmerson Mnangagwa, also thanked The Salvation Army for its schools, hospitals and community development projects.

Seeing the faith of the people of the territory was a highlight for the world leaders.

As the territory looks ahead to 2024, it has chosen the theme ‘Pursuing God’s Path - Proclaiming God’s Promises - Joshua 1:1-6’.

“God bless our leaders as they inspire our people to follow God,” said General Peddle. “In a few weeks, Zimbabwe will enter into a time of election. Join me in praying for a peaceful time of fulfilling the constitutional provisions for the nation. Thank you, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Madagascar! We will pray for you and carry you in our hearts.” General Brian and Commissioner Rosalie Peddle officially retire at midnight on 2 August.


IHQ exhibition promotes anti-slavery work

Since 1865, The Salvation Army has worked globally to bring glimpses of the Kingdom of God through community-led responses to modern slavery and human trafficking.

The Salvation Army has a global response to the crimes of modern slavery and human trafficking.

This work continues today in over 130 countries, strengthening the quality of the Army’s responses over numerical expansion.

Gallery 101 at International Headquarters in London is currently hosting an exhibition – Greater Depths – that highlights this work, focusing on what is being done to combat slavery and trafficking in the areas of sexual exploitation, labour exploitation, domestic servitude, forced marriage, child soldiers, forced criminality, organ trafficking.

The exhibition runs until 4 August.

For more information, click here:

To see previous exhibitions hosted at Gallery 101, click here:


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