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‘Making it Happen’ in the Solomon Islands

In a letter to all Salvos, Miriam Gluyas encourages everyone to get behind the 2023-24 Making It Happen fundraising project.

Hi Friends,

Three of my most treasured years in officership were spent in the Papua New Guinea Territory (PNG). The people taught me so much. They had so little but gave generously. They had so little, but they had so much. They love God wholeheartedly and they rely on him to provide.

I was delighted to hear an update on The Salvation Army’s work in the Solomon Islands (part of the PNG Territory). Twenty-two years after the Salvos launched there, there are 11 Salvation Army village churches and four couples are preparing to go to training college in PNG. Wonderful!

Australian officers, Majors Robert and Vanessa Evans, are the district officers in the Solomon Islands. They are excited to see Indigenous officers, familiar with the language and culture of the people, appointed to the village churches. It’s a great vision, isn’t it?

To do this, they need houses for the officers, and we can help!

Many of you will be familiar with the ‘Making It Happen’ project. Traditionally a Women’s Ministry project, it is now a whole territory project. Each year our territory raises funds and for 2023-24, the project will raise funds to build and furnish a home for corps officers in one of these villages. The house would also be a missional hub for Salvos and a space for service to the wider community.

This will cost $120,000. It might not seem like much money to us in Australia, but it will make a huge difference in the Solomon Islands.

Romans 12:4-13 says, “When God’s people are in need, be ready to help them. Always be eager to practice hospitality.”

Let’s get ready to help our friends in the Solomon Islands. In turn, this house will be used to help those in need, show beautiful hospitality in the village and share Jesus. Please pray about how you can support! You might organise a fundraiser, hold a special offering or make a personal donation.

Fundraising ideas, promotional materials, and resources for a Making It Happen Sunday are available at

Bless you, friends,

Commissioner Miriam Gluyas

Territorial Leader

The Salvation Army Australia Territory


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