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• Salvation Army global healthcare

A mobile clinic from The Salvation Army’s Harry Williams Hospital, which caters for communities in rural areas of Cochabamba, Bolivia.

For almost as long as The Salvation Army has existed, it has operated health services.

One of the first institutional health programs is recorded as being in Nagercoil, India, where the first ‘missionary doctor’ and Salvation Army officer, Harry Andrews, established a small dispensary in his house in 1893.

To hear from some of the team at The Salvation Army Catherine Booth Hospital in Nagercoil, India, click here.

The general hospital can cater for 115 inpatients and has a very busy outpatients department which sees on average around 140 patients daily.

Across the world, The Salvation Army operates 26 hospitals and 132 clinics, from the Toronto Grace Health Centre in Canada to Howard Hospital in rural Zimbabwe. Each health institution focuses on areas related to the local needs, offering a wide range of services.

Find out more about the history of Salvation Army healthcare and current health programs around the world, click here.


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