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• Salvos win trusted brand award

Roy Morgan CEO Michele Levine presents Secretary for Communications Colonel Rodney Walters with the award.

The Salvation Army has received the Roy Morgan Most Trusted Brand Award in the charity sector for the second year running.

Roy Morgan is Australia’s best-known and longest-established market research company.

Colonel Rodney Walters, Secretary for Communications, attended the awards ceremony last week on behalf of The Salvation Army.

The charity sector was introduced in 2022 and The Salvation Army has won both times, with 25,000 Australians being surveyed.

“With so many not-for-profits doing great work in the community, we are very fortunate to hold this special position,” said Amity Cartwright, Head of Brand and Marketing for The Salvation Army in Australia.

“Being trusted goes a long way when it comes to somebody building up the courage to reach out and ask for help, become part of one of our communities, to decide to financially support our work or partner with us in another way.”

In recognising The Salvation Army, Roy Morgan acknowledged that the Salvos were widely known for supporting people in need, delivering frontline services – whether it be recovery from addiction, homelessness, disaster recovery or basic welfare – and less familiar services such as financial counselling, Red Shield defence services, youth services, chaplaincy and funerals.

To read the full report on the 2023 awards, go to the Roy Morgan website here.


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