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• Sri Lankan kids hit the shops

During a previous shopping trip, the children were ready as soon as the shops opened. They loved the experience of making their own choices and learning to budget.

The Salvation Army USA Central Territory recently raised funds at a young adults’ conference for children living in Army’s child development centres in Sri Lanka. The amount raised was nearly US$6000 (approximately AUD$8960).

Children in child development centres in Sri Lanka reside there because their parents are unable to care for them or because a court has ordered it for their protection.

A small grant for each child will allow the staff to take them on a shopping trip for clothing and personal items – an opportunity for them to make their own choices and learn about shopping and budgeting.

Previous such shopping trips have been highlights for the children. They were ready to start their shopping as soon as the shopping centres opened! Some wanted to save the money while others bought toys, clothes, or other necessities.

No matter what the children chose, they were excited about the opportunity to shop for themselves, and they thanked all the donors who contributed funds.


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