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The Third Place opens doors to those on the street in Perth

City of Subiaco community development coordinator Sarah Herbert (left) with The Salvation Army’s assertive outreach support worker Helen Martin and community outreach services team leader Chairmay Van Der Merwe at the walk-in centre on Barker Road. Credit: City of Subiaco


With Western Australia facing its worst-ever housing shortage, the City of Subiaco and The Salvation Army have come together to offer somewhere for those with nowhere to go.

The result is a weekly walk-in centre offering refuge and assistance to individuals facing or at risk of homelessness.

This initiative, set to span a whole year, commenced last week at The Third Place on Barker Road, where the doors will be open every Wednesday from 10am-2pm.

Those needing assistance will be able to access food, water, clothing, sleeping bags, as well as referrals to additional services.

The Salvos’ specialised homelessness response can also help build towards more long-term solutions for clients. The initiative is the result of research and case studies from Salvos working directly with those experiencing homelessness in the area.

Salvation Army Homelessness Services State Manager Major Ken Smith said the data and case studies gathered showed the need for a specialised homelessness response in Subiaco.

“The trial had a significant impact on supporting vulnerable community members living in Subiaco, even within a short trial period,” he said.

The Salvation Army centre in Subiaco, Perth.

Subiaco Mayor David McMullen said the centre would provide a coordinated response to homelessness to help some of the community’s most vulnerable.

“It offers the complex care required to make a meaningful difference to the lives of people at risk of or experiencing homelessness in the community,” he said.

The Salvation Army in Western Australia continues its commitment to aiding the homeless with a 24/7 referral line (0429 511 833) and a general evening outreach service spanning multiple local government areas.

The walk-in centre at The Third Place on 325 Barker Road opens its door to those on the streets at a time when there have never been fewer homes for those who need them.

Some information courtesy of The West Australian newspaper


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