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• Wollongong enrols 10 adherents

Wollongong Corps soldier Sandra Skinner introduces the adherents during the enrolment ceremony on 13 August.

Ten adherents were enrolled at Wollongong on 13 August. Corps Officer Lieut-Colonel Lyn Edge led the ceremony of the diverse group during the Sunday morning meeting.

The group included those who had previous connections with The Salvation Army and had come “home” along with those who came to The Salvation Army for the first time looking for – and finding – a spiritual and friendly church that served the community. Several people said they came looking for friendship and a family and found it at Wollongong Corps.

One young man said he had grown up in the church, and since this was his church, it was time to make it “official”. Everyone expressed that they loved Jesus, felt a sense of belonging at Wollongong Salvos and experienced this as a place to serve.

The new adherents enrolled were David Hughes, Dianne Whittaker, Gary Baker, Irene Ringer, Steve Ringer, Keegan Priest, Kellie Phillips, Kristy Ford, Noeleen Burke and Zac McIver.

Each adherent made their choice after an information evening organised by Lieut-Col Edge. Others who attended the information evening have expressed an interest in soldiership classes, which are now underway.


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