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• Wonthaggi services wind up

The Salvation Army will continue to operate out of the Wonthaggi Corps building despite not running Sunday services.

The final Sunday service at Wonthaggi Corps in Victoria’s southern Gippsland was held last weekend with departing corps officer Captain Amy Jones leading the local congregation for the final time.

Amy will be reappointed elsewhere and Captain Amanda Hart, Corps Officer at nearby Leongatha Corps, will oversee ongoing ministry in Wonthaggi. Amanda said new forms of worship being considered would occur throughout the week rather than on Sundays.

“We’d be looking at different ways of worship, whether that be small groups, Bible study-type arrangements around the table, but places where the community can connect,” Amanda said.

The Doorways Emergency Relief program will continue to run at Wonthaggi. This includes emergency food relief support, with people able to visit on Mondays and Thursdays between 9.30am and noon.

The Wonthaggi Salvation Army thrift store and the local Salvation Army Employment Plus will both continue to operate.

Sunday services in Leongatha and Warragul will remain. Asked about Wonthaggi congregation members who are unable to travel to those locations but want to attend services there, Amanda said it is early days, but the possibility of providing transport will be explored.

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