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World leaders, Paws for the Kingdom and fighting malaria

The Salvation Army world leaders enjoy a visit to the Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar and Thailand Territory where they once served as territorial leaders.

Salvation Army world leaders General Lyndon Buckingham and Commissioner Bronwyn Buckingham recently visited the Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar and Thailand Territory, where they had previously served as territorial leaders.

The leaders were delighted to return to familiar faces, sights and sounds.

Commissioner Bronwyn Buckingham shares a word of encouragement with Salvationists gathered in Singapore.

The visit began with a Sunday meeting at Singapore Central Corps and a special night to welcome the Buckinghams. Gatherings followed in Chiang Mai, Thailand – Officers’ Councils, the Ordination and Commissioning of the Defenders of Justice Session of cadets, and the opening and dedication of the Chiang Mai Central Corps. The first officers from Thailand were among the 10 cadets commissioned.

The General reminded Salvationists to continue to praise, pray and proclaim the message of salvation, to be a people of the Word and to be a holy and serving generation. Commissioner Buckingham shared how we can build hope through our relationship with God, the Scriptures and our life experiences.


Paws for the Kingdom

What started as a “crazy idea” for The Salvation Army Sherman Avenue Corps in Washington D.C. has turned into a successful and popular community outreach event.

The Paws Program attracts people and dogs from all over the community.

In October 2021, the corps was seeking new avenues for outreach in the local community. Then, Sage arrived, the adopted dog of Corps Officers Major Srikant and Captain Indrani Bhatnagar. On their walks with Sage, the officers quickly noticed an increase in conversation and connection with others walking their dogs.

The ‘Paw Parties’ program was born – an outreach to bring people together and to the corps.

The Paw Party, or Paw Program, is a monthly gathering featuring music, snacks and drinks for both dogs and dog parents, water play and games.

People, and dogs, dress up for themed days.

The Sherman Avenue Corps now owns a puppy pool to go along with treats and toys, and local pet stores have donated items including gift certificates that can be used as door prizes. The parties have been held at both the corps and within a local dog park, with each month following a theme such as ‘Mardi Paws’ and ‘St Pawtrick’s Day’.

Not every month is explicitly tied to an existing holiday, but the association helps to raise awareness and establish relationships that The Salvation Army perhaps would not encounter through other means.

“We have gained corps members, many volunteers, and program members throughout this special program,” Captain Bhatnagar said. “We are beyond blessed by the Lord for using us in many ways for his people.”


Salvation Army attends Global Christian Forum

 Commissioner Jane Paone, Secretary for International Ecumenical Relations, Colonel Alfred Banda, Territorial Commander of Zambia Territory, and Dr Petra Brooke, Norway, Iceland and The Færoes Territory, represented The Salvation Army at the recent Global Christian Forum (GCF) in Accra, Ghana.


The GCF is an international ecumenical body that brings together global Christian churches and organisations from all the major streams of world Christianity. It is an opportunity for a wide array of Christian leaders to meet and nurture unity by fostering mutual respect and understanding and addressing common challenges.

Commissioner Paone takes part in a group discussion at the Global Christian Forum (Photo: Albin Hillert).

The theme of the 25th GCF was, ‘That the World May Know’ (John 17:23 ESV).


“The theme and messages were made more poignant with a visit to one of the Cape Coast slave-trade castles,” shared Commissioner Danone. “Prayers of lament and reconciliation were offered in the Methodist church, built above the dungeons where thousands of slaves had cried out for freedom and justice before being deported on ships. All denominations present were saddened by the magnitude of this inhumane operation, aware that modern slavery continues even today. In a moment of lament that we had not treated our brothers and sisters as those made in the image of God, various church leaders led a time of repentance and heartfelt prayers.”


The Salvation Army around the world actively participates in anti-human trafficking ministries and works to help combat modern slavery.

SAWSO funded mosquito nets, coils and insecticide to vulnerable communities.

Fighting malaria Malaria is a life-threatening disease that is particularly deadly for young children and pregnant women. The #malaria parasite is spread to humans by certain types of mosquitoes. Some areas of the West African country of Mali experience seasonally high rates of malaria.


The Salvation Army World Services Office (SAWSO) recently funded a project to support the government of Mali’s malaria prevention efforts. Funds provided to The Salvation Army in Mali allowed their clinic staff to distribute mosquito bed nets, mosquito coils and insecticide sprays to vulnerable communities.

Commissioners Edward and Shelley Hill with Territorial Leaders Commissioners Man-hee (right) and Stephanie Chang.

Chief of Staff visits Korea Territory

The Chief of the Staff (Commissioner Edward Hill) and World Secretary for Women’s Ministries (Commissioner Shelley Hill) visited The Salvation Army’s Korea Territory last month.


More than 200 Salvationists attended the leaders’ first Sunday holiness meeting at Yeongdeungpo Corps.


Commissioner Shelley Hill shared insights from her spiritual journey, acknowledging life’s fluctuations while highlighting God’s constant guidance and grace, steadfastly believing in his unwavering guidance in our daily endeavours.

More than 800 delegates attended the women's rally.

The Chief of the Staff’s Bible message, ‘Christ, my Pilot’, emphasised the crucial role of Jesus Christ as the ultimate guide in our spiritual journey, enabling us to follow his teachings and navigate life’s challenges.

A drama presentation during the rally.

The following two-day Territorial Women’s Rally – themed ‘Let Your Life Flourish!’ – took place at the Baekhwasan Retreat Centre, where more than 830 Salvationists participated.


Other events included a United Officers’ Councils for five of the territory’s seven divisions (270 participants) and councils for the other two divisions (200 participants).


During these councils, the Chief of the Staff delivered a presentation on ‘The Salvation Army’s Current Affairs’, providing an overview of the structure of International Headquarters, current and future priorities, expectations of leaders and reasons to celebrate.








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