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Meet Major Pete Brookshaw

1. What is your current appointment and what do you find most satisfying about it?

I’m the Corps Officer at Morley Salvos in WA. I love seeing people flourish in God, like a lady preaching for the first time after coming to youth group some years previous. Or the 90-year-old who realises their prayers make a difference. Or the new volunteer who helps at Salvos Stores, Doorways and Playgroup and now brings her husband to church.


2. Away from the appointment – if that’s possible! – what do you do to relax or unwind?

I enjoy sipping a soy latte at a café and reading ‘The Economist’. There’s so much going on in the world, so much need for lives to be transformed, and for some reason I find that relaxing! Also, I’m currently reading books on post-World War Two history in Europe and also Africa. Decolonisation is the key word.


3. What’s a favourite Christian song, and why do you like it?

At the moment it’s I Speak Jesus from Charity Gayle. In the name of Jesus, there’s power and there’s healing. Hallelujah!


4. If you could have a good talk with a biblical character apart from Jesus, who would it be and what would you talk about?

I’d probably talk Peter to Peter. What did it feel like walking on water? How did you get through those low moments? Tell us about the day of Pentecost when you mustered the courage to preach up a storm.


5. If you were talking to a group of Salvationists and they asked if you recommended officership or not, what would you say?

I would say the world needs people set apart for the work of Jesus, but be prepared to be frustrated, satisfied, energised and disappointed on any given day. Keep Jesus at the focus and stay committed to the mission of souls and justice. There are many great roles followers of Jesus can fulfil in life and if you’re called to officership, step up, sign up, get involved and lay your life down for the cause of Christ.



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