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Holiness: A Radiant Relationship


Ian Southwell

Holiness: A Radiant Relationship


What is holiness? Can we really be holy in God’s sight? If so, how and when can we be holy – in this life or the next? What does a holy lifestyle look like?

What are God’s expectations of sanctified people? Can holiness be experienced only in isolation? Is holiness simply a matter of following the rules of our religious denominations?

This introduction to Christian holiness helps you explore these vital questions and many more, either on your own or in a discussion group.

Through a series of biblical reflections from both Old and New Testaments, anecdotes, activities and probing questions, you are invited to encounter God in fresh ways. You can step up to new levels in your relationship with God – and with others.

The fourth volume in The Stairways Series – a set of teaching books designed to help Christians rise to higher levels in their relationships with God and others. -The Publisher

Author Bio

Lieut-Colonel Ian Southwell was a science teacher in Australia before training as an officer (minister) in The Salvation Army. He was commissioned and ordained with his wife, Sonja, in 1969. Together they served in corps (church) leadership, school education, youth work, literary, international administrative, and leader development roles. Areas of ministry have included Zambia, The Philippines, Korea, Hong Kong and China, and in 15 other countries while based in the UK as well as in Ian's homeland of Australia. (181pp)

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