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Lucille L. Turfrey



This series, sub-titled Nature’s Parables, reaches it culmination in Viewpoints. Each book could have fallen under the same main heading, as all the pages – of poems, ponderings and pictures – have come together as an outcome of a maturing understanding of the Scriptures which have been my road map through all the years of my pilgrimage thus far.

From my viewpoint, this Earth is still a ‘many splendoured’ place – it sings to me of our Creator Lord who deigns to walk with us throughout the years, the tears, the fears, but also the abounding joys of life’s experience.

Viewpoints - Nature’s Parables On The Biblical Perspective is offered as a personal celebration of the very special achievement of having reached the 80-year milestone.

And, for the record, I haven’t yet uttered my last word of praise to the Lord who leads me on … Lucille L. Turfrey.

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