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Words & Music: Stories Behind the Songs


Howard Davies

Words & Music: Stories Behind the Songs


Words & Music provides fascinating background stories behind the songs of internationally-known composer and songwriter Howard Davies. While the book contains serious - and sometimes sad - stories about the writing of the songs or their use, there are also some humorous reminiscences and insights into Howard's experiences with fellow composers/musicians in the worldwide Salvation Army.

In an extended and engaging autobiographical introduction, Howard pays warm tribute to both his Salvation Army and heritage and musically gifted family, recounting in interesting and often whimsical anecdotes his lifetime of service in The Salvation Army.

The CD contains 23 tracks of Howard's songs sung by various soloists and songster brigades from around the Army world, including the International Staff Songsters, Sharon Raymond, Jacqui Proctor and Canadian massed songsters. (178pp)

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