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• Grandparents training program

Grandparents can play a significant role in the faith of future generations, a Salvation Army leader says.


The Salvation Army will host a training program in Victoria to provide practical wisdom to grandparents looking to disciple their grandchildren.

The event, set to be held at Ringwood Salvation Army on 18 July, will be run as a collaboration between the Children’s Ministry Network and The Salvation Army.

The Children’s Ministry Network in Victoria has over 20 member organisations, including The Salvation Army, the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne, the Uniting Church, the Lutheran Church and the Baptist Union of Victoria.

It provides opportunities for leaders in denominational and organisational roles in children’s and families ministry to hear about each other’s ministries, work together on projects, offer local conferences and training, support one another, pray together and share resources.

Victorian Children’s Secretary Naty Keung said she wanted grandparents to leave feeling like they could be part of the bigger picture of their grandchildren’s lives through nurturing their faith journeys.

She said that grandparents, especially if they were retired and providing childcare, may have more quality time than parents to spark faith conversations.

“They can actually [have] a big impact,” Naty said. “Hopefully, they feel encouraged by the workshop [to] make a big difference to the faith of their grandchildren.”

Terry Williams, a former schoolteacher and children’s ministry specialist with Scripture Union will lead training at the event. To book, see here.  






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