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Revolution Church ‘bless the stressed’

Revolution Church has celebrated its local school teachers by handing out gift packs.

Today is World Teachers Day (5 October)*. In Adelaide, the Salvos’ Revolution Church has honoured the teachers in their community with an initiative called ‘Stock the Staff Room’



Adelaide’s Suzie Casey is the pastoral care worker at a local school and a volunteer at the Salvos Revolution Church. Suzie recently put together a package for teachers in what’s called a ‘Stock the Staff Room’ initiative, a gift to cheer on those who often don’t get recognised.

“We had been thinking about what it’s like for teachers, with everything they do,” Suzie says. “We thought we should put together a gift but something they could use that showed them we were thinking of them and wanted to cheer them on at this point in the year. Our church has a heart for the young people in our community. In order to see young people thrive, we figure teachers need to feel empowered and supported in their roles.”

The third term of the school year is one often filled with winter illnesses, tired students, and the stress of exams just around the corner. Even in primary schools, kids can be in need of a holiday, and pressures can build up at home leading to what is sometimes a breaking point for students, teachers, and families.

“I know what it’s like for teachers and how things can be this time of year,” says Suzie. “When we value schools and the tireless work they do with our kids, perhaps we give them a little boost to keep going.

“The gift was simple, snacks and treats, food that might make the day easier and easy meals, like noodles or tuna. There are teachers out there that do longer hours than people think, who might not have meals ready all the time.”

One of the 'thank you' gift packs for teachers.

The Stock the Staff Room project isn’t just a handout of chocolate and crisps but a way for the church to “bless the stressed” teachers as they approach the end of the school year. The gift highlighted how great the need can be when it went so quickly.

“We actually thought ‘wouldn’t it be great to stock the pantry for them’, but it was gone in a day or so,” Suzie explains. “We imagined it might be something they could go to when they need it, but people really appreciated it.

“At first, I was a bit surprised, but I heard all the feedback from the teachers about how great it was. There was a sense of gratitude. While the gift itself is somewhat insignificant, the fact that staff have been thought of and that that thought has then been acted upon, is not insignificant.”

*Due to school holidays, World Teachers Day is celebrated in Australia on the last Friday of October each year.


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