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Revolution Worship releases new video resources for corps

Salvation Army Worship Arts musicians Maddie Rennie, Dan Casey and Luke O’Dea in the recording studio.


Revolution Worship is releasing a new video resource to equip local mission expressions and support the different abilities that different corps may have. Revolution Worship is a platform for new music within The Salvation Army, overseen by the Worship Arts team.

“These videos are about using the music we make,” explained Dan Casey, Worship Arts Coordinator. “We have studio versions out, but we want to be able to point towards one person in your corps with an acoustic guitar and say, ‘This is how you can do it’.

“With these videos, they can watch us perform it in that setting; then there are also videos with lyrics to the songs at the bottom. It’s a resource to use if you don’t have many musicians in your corps or if you have none.”

The videos feature three songs that have already been released, with two versions available to model and support different approaches (brass arrangements for the songs are already out).

Luke O’Dea, Maddie Rennie and Dan Casey – creating music and video resources for corps to use in worship settings.

“The Salvation Army is very diverse in its expressions of worship,” Dan said. “Not everyone can pick up a studio song and do it on a Sunday. What we want to do is make something that makes sense for a local mission expression to be able to use. This is a way to model what it looks like for musicians, and to also resource corps that have no music group.”

The video resources will be released one at a time, rolling out from Easter weekend, and will be available on the Salvos Toolkit. Songs featured are ‘Our Redeemer’, ‘Love Never Ending’, and ‘You Are Holy’.

“This is our stuff, and we want people to feel able to use it. It belongs to The Salvation Army – you don’t need copyright to put this online. These are our songs,” Dan said.

More on Revolution Worship’s releases can be found here and on YouTube.


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