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Born of the Spirit


Ian Southwell

Born of the Spirit


Lieut-Colonel Ian Southwell was a science teacher in Australia before training as an officer (minister) in The Salvation Army. He was commissioned and ordained with his wife, Sonja, in 1969. Together they served in corps (church) leadership, school education, youth work, literary, international administrative, and leader development roles. Areas of ministry have included Zambia, The Philippines, Korea, Hong Kong and China, and in 15 other countries while based in the UK as well as in Ian's homeland of Australia.

The Holy Spirit has challenged a family member, friend or colleague to seek to be ‘born again’ or to grow in that relationship. What can you do? How can you best help? What if you were asked to help someone take such steps in a seeker-sensitive service, children’s service or evangelical rally? How would you respond? How could you help a returning prodigal or a seeker with special personal needs? And how can you ensure that the person you have helped is filled with the Spirit and nurtured in the faith?

This book, with its practical exercises and role plays will help you grasp such God-given opportunities. It is also suitable for group study with others who want to help seekers become ‘born of the Spirit'. The first volume in The Stairways series - a set of teaching books designed to help Christians rise to higher levels in their relationships with God and others. 


  • Qualifications of a Spiritual Midwife or Nurturer

  • Relationship-based helping

  • Helping a First-time Seeker - True Spiritual Midwifery

  • Immediate Nurture of a New Christian (follow-up)

  • Providing Support to a Returning Prodigal (Backslider)

  • Helping a Holiness Seeker

  • Helping Seekers with Special Needs or in Special Situations

Ian Southwell

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