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Young people to take a creative leap in 2024

The territorial Worship Arts Team is dedicated to seeing creative arts leading people to encounters with Jesus and employs various strategies to help creatives flourish.

The National Creative Arts Camp (NCAC) is an immersive and intensive experience for youth and young adults that equips them for ministry. NCAC24 is a creative development opportunity to nurture young creatives’ hearts, souls and faith.

Being the second annual event of its kind, the territorial Worship Arts Team continues to educate various audiences that there is no one way to worship.​

Rather than just hearing it from the team, recent camp attendees have offered to share their experiences.

We asked them four simple but insightful questions: What aspects of the camp did they cherish the most? What valuable lessons did they take away? Would they recommend NCAC to others? And how has this experience opened doors to potential opportunities in various ministries?

Take a moment to be inspired by the genuine experiences and wisdom shared by these participants.​

What did you love?

“The worship sessions, it was so incredible being in a room filled with people who loved God and wanted to worship God, and you could really feel the power of God in that space.” – Eva

“Loved everything about NCAC this year.” – Nigel

“I found that participating in the musical theatre and dance streams gave me the opportunity to not only do what I love but to meet amazing people from all across Australia.” – Teagan

“Got to do photography and got to dance and be me.” – Maddy


What did you learn?

“The biggest thing for me as a takeaway is to continually listen to the Holy Spirit and be bold and courageous to act on that as well.” – Nigel

“You find much more enjoyment in what you’re doing if you are thinking about why you’re doing it, instead of how you’re doing it; God cares about our whys.” – Eva

“Have a week to meet new people, focus on our ministries and help each other with our faith.” – Jazmin


Would you recommend attending NCAC?

“Absolutely. I think if you are involved in the arts in whatever way, you worship, and you are passionate about it, then connecting with people who have similar passions to you, refining your skills and connecting yourself to the wider movement, absolutely would recommend NCAC, and I really valued my time there.” – Callum

“It’s an amazing opportunity to hone your craft, spend time delving deep into the Word and also meet some extraordinary people.” – Sam


How does camp equip you for ministry opportunities?

“Use different skill sets all for the glory of God.” – Jazmin

“Equipped me to see the positive things in life and not the negative things and not to take anything for granted.” – Eva

“Great demonstration on how to get a bunch of people together and uniting them with a common goal.” – Callum


For more information and to register click here.

Watch the NCAC24 preview here.


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