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Desiree follows her heart for volunteering

If you’re looking for Desiree Jones, she can usually be seen in the kitchen of Brisbane City Temple volunteering.

The Salvation Army relies on thousands of volunteers to keep the wheels turning on God’s mission to support everyday Australians around the country. One of these vital cogs in the wheel is Desiree Jones, who shares a little about her heart for volunteering.


My name is Desiree, and I am a soldier at Brisbane City Temple.

Love and care are always on the menu during the community lunches, says Desiree.

For nearly six years I have been a volunteer at the corps. I help with serving the food for the community lunch. I try to help the officers who are also doing this – I don’t think they should be in the kitchen.

I also make coffee and tea for those waiting for Doorways [emergency relief and financial counselling service], especially when they are short-staffed.

It’s always on my heart to help the people who have less than I have, it’s like a must.

I am blessed to have the time. I am retired, why not invest this time that God has given me to something so important as service?

Looking after vulnerable people has always been something I love to do.

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